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Whether you’re pitching a new client for business, selling your ideas to investors, or just going for that much-deserved raise or promotion, DEALMAKER ON DEMAND gives you a turn-key proven system to CLOSE MORE DEALS! Your instant, unlimited access includes:

Pitch Mastery

7 in-depth training modules on the S.T.R.O.N.G method covers everything from your opening to your close to ensure you get the deal

Live Weekly Q&A SESSIONS

WEEKLY LIVE calls with Oren and his coaches to help you perfect your pitch, plus over 200 recorded calls.

Pitch Deck Library

View a library of the world’s best presentations and a customizable template so when you’re building the deck from your presentation, you never have to start from scratch again. Get access to:

Cold Email Outreach

It’s who you know that matters, but what if you don’t know the people you need to know? Use Oren’s proven cold email strategies and ACTUAL email templates and samples to build your network- FAST. This upgrade includes:

Pitch Anything Edge

This Quick Start program will help you take a deeper dive of the Pitch Anything book and includes:



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"As a result of using Oren’s method, we’ve seen our closing ratios spike up. We’re now closing 6 out of 10 prospects, where previously it was only 3 out of 10. That’s a big difference in our business, and the highest close rate in our industry."
Tom Zgainer
CEO and Founder of AB401k
“It was so much fun. I knew what I was doing, why I was doing it and how to control the conversation; it all happened so naturally and exactly the way you described. I left the meeting, got in my car and drove the 2hrs home punching the air screaming out loud to rock & roll hits. What a feeling!”
Phil Harris
CEO - Carbon Design - Motorsport, Product and Furniture Designer
“Intellectually, Oren’s approach makes sense and is easy to understand, however implementing and executing is a different story. That is where I knew, without hesitation, that I needed the direct training and a hands-on approach from Oren and his team… The input from Oren completely redefined our pitch from one that was focused on boring and ineffective facts that we threw at clients and prospects, to a new pitch that painted a compelling and interesting story that is relatable…No joke- our revenue from this product is double for January... coincidence??”
Pam Lang
President of Xcelerated Date LLC

“STOP SELLING! The world of sales, raising money, and influencing key decision‑makers has changed. If you don’t change with it, you will lose! My proven methods & strategies have closed over $2 BILLION DOLLARS in deals”